Fifine K037B Wireless Microphone System With Lapel Mic And Headset For Speaker, Camera, Android And Iphone


Product Description

What’s Included
– FIFINE K037B transmitter (back-pack)
– Lavalier mic & head-worn mic (NO built-in amplifier, external speaker is NECESSARY!)
– 1/4″ output connector receiver
– 1/4″ female to 1/8″ male TRS (three black loops) adapter for camera
– 1/4″ female to 1/8″ male TRRS (four black loops) adapter for smartphone

Preparation for gig or video filming becomes much easier
– Battery-powered system provides the greatest convenience for outdoor use.
– Even the most generic AA battery(*2) for back-pack transmitter and AAA ones(*2) for receiver can last for 4 hours.
– System is pre-paired. Just remove from box, plug into camera/digital recorder via the included adapter or hook up directly with PA speaker, amplifier, mixer (any device that allows 1/4″ input) for live event.
– For web conferencing through smartphone or computer, please see a better suited model FIFINE K031B.

Versatility cannot be beat
– Light-weight head-worn mic fits firmly, making it possible to get quality sound for Yoga tutorial and even high intensity aerobics;
– Clip-on mic is ideal for presentation, YouTube video. Audience will not notice the hidden mic under your clothing but will be impressed by its clear sound!
– In-born high sensitivity ensures good clarity. Using less gain of speaker, camera, or phone provides more natural sound. Break free from carrying around a bulky DSLR pre-amp or raising speaker volume to distortion level.
– Cardioid pattern does an excellent job of reducing noise, especially background sound. Let audience hear you with good clarity!

Great features for outdoor use
– Easy-to-read transmitter LCD display shows battery life and current frequency channel.
– Receiver indicator conveys info of power and wireless connection (solid red – paired; blinking green- power runs low and failed to pair).
– Both features enable your quick response for changing fresh battery or new frequency, to eliminate cutout or dropout.
– UHF (Ultra High Frequency) is more penetrable and powerful, therefore a better choice for using in built-up areas. The wireless range is 45-60 feet even in the face of obstacles.
– 20 frequency channels ensure conflict-free performance in less than perfect environment.

What’s the point of 20 channel
– When experiencing interference, click the button on top of transmitter to find the best-suited channel.
– Multiple sets of K037B can be utilized concurrently for a large group interview (will need multiple input jacks on spaker or mixer to plug in receivers).

Frequency Band: UHF 565-584MHz
Type: Condenser
Polar Pattern: Cardioid
Frequency Response 50-16kHz

Power Supply
Transmitter: 2 AA Batteries
Receiver: 2 AAA Batteries

Output Connection: 1/4″ TS connector (1/4″ to 1/8″ TRS adapter)