Guitar Stand A Frame GS001 (for acoustic / electric / classical / bass guitar)


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Product Description

Guitar Stand GS001
The guitar stand A frame will hold your solid body guitars (as long as they’re not offset-waist models) and acoustics. Why own multiple stands when this stand’s patented stepped yoke design will hold ’em all? The A-Frame guitar stand is virtually impossible to knock over. It’s also really compact and can double as a desk stand for a compact mixer. It’s rugged and great for touring.

• Suitable for acoustic,classical, electric guitar, bass & banjo
• Stylish looking
• Durable
• High quality steel metal
• Foldable

Product Name : Guitar Stand
Material : Metal
Guitar Holding Capacity : 1 Guitar
Surface Treatment : Powder Coating
Color : Black
Dimension : 31 x 23 x 40 Cm
Weight : 1.00 Kg