ProMark LA Special LA5BW Hickory 5B Drumstick

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Since 1957, you’ve been able to find Pro-Mark drumsticks in the hands of drummers and percussionists everywhere – from students to touring pros. This special deal from gives you a chance to pick up a set of Pro-Marks amazing LA Special 5BW Drum Sticks for a ridiculously low price. What’s the catch? These sticks are factory seconds, which just means that they have minor cosmetic flaws and may not be perfectly matched. Their tips may vary – might be round, might be teardrop. However, they’re perfectly straight, and they still meet Pro-Mark’s grueling quality control standards. What’s more, they still feature Pro-Mark’s incredible LA Special wood tips, making LA Special 5BW Drum Sticks a killer choice for any playing style. And if you’ve got an electronic drum kit, you owe it to yourself to pick up a pair of Pro-Mark LA Special 5BW Drum Sticks right away.

– LA by ProMark