ProMark PEDSB Everyday Drumstick Bag

RM125.00 RM100.00

Product Description

The Everyday Stick Bag is Promark’s redesigned entry-level stick bag for the drumset and concert players. Made from durable, weatherproof ballistic nylon, this bag is built to withstand the wears of the road – both on and off stage. The PEDSB features ergonomic carrying handles, a large front-zippered pocket, heavyduty outer-bag zipper for reliable opening and closing, a zippered inner pocket, hanging tom-mounts, and ample drumstick storage within. Attention to quality, durability, detail, and simplicity will make this bag a favorite for budget-conscious working drummers.
• Made from durable weatherproof ballistic nylon
• Large front-side zippered pocket
• Heavy-duty outer zipper
• Ample drumstick storage within (up 10 Pair)
• Two hanging floor tom mounts