ProMark R7AAG Rebound 7A ActiveGrip Hickory Acorn Wood Tip Drumstick

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Promark R7AAG Rebound Balance Drumsticks with ActiveGrip – 7A – Acorn Tip

Promark ActiveGrip Drumsticks. With ActiveGrip sticks, you can handle any gig with cool confidence and firm control. These drumsticks have a heat-activated grip coating that becomes tackier as your temperature rises and your hands get sweaty. ActiveGrip sticks are comfortable and don’t tear up your hands or affect your technique. The coating’s no thicker than a regular lacquer coating and won’t transfer to your drum rims, cymbals, or your hands. Pick up a pair of Promark ActiveGrip Drumsticks and experience the difference.
• Revolutionary drumsticks with heat-activated ActiveGrip coating
• Rebound balance: rear-weighted feel for agility and finesse
• Shaft material: hickory
• 7A size
• 0.535″ diameter
• Acorn tip