Yamaha YCL-CXII Bb Clarinet (Custom Series model with Grenadilla body and Silver-plated keys)

System Boehm
Barrel length 65mm
Thumb-rest Fixed (Adjustable optionally available)
Body Grenadilla
Keys 17 Keys, 6 Rings
Included Accessories Case CLC-CSGll
Mouthpiece 5CM
Key Bb

RM14,200.00 RM12,070.00

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Product Description

The CX has a full round sound with an immediate clarity to the tone. It has inset toneholes and a silver-plated bell ring, which contribute to the presence and openness of its tone.

Tapered tone holes with hand tapered undercut

Each tone hole is individually hand-tapered and undercut for optimum tone quality, intonation, and uniform response throughout the instrument’s range.

New bridge key design

Eliminates damage to the bridge key mechanism.

Inset tone holes

Made of the same select grenadilla as the instrument’s body and hand-adjusted for a perfect fit. Inset tone holes contribute to a clear, focused sound.